Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

Most people have heard of Wilton baking supply stores, process guides, and nearby classrooms. Not everyone realizes there’s a Cake Decorating and Confectionary Art school in Wilton near Chicago, Illinois. The school is available to anyone involved in decorating Wilton cake, whether you’re just beginning to explore a new passion or you’re an expert.

The Wilton School teachers are highly qualified on the Wilton Process. The program, which has evolved over the past 80 years, fosters conventional methods as well as new technologies. Wilton cake decorating courses give practical experience, reviews and new skills to the learners.Find additional information at Cake Making Courses.

We foster: absolute quality, accuracy and creative expression.

What is a Master Class at Wilton?

If you are involved in a general cake design diploma, then the master class is the curriculum for you. The period of design for this Wilton cake lasts two weeks. It can all be done in one go or on weekends. You are taught by the core program: how to create 20 kinds of borders and 15 roses, how to plan and decorate special occasion cakes, and how to construct a multi-tier wedding cake.

Beginners and learners who want to develop or maintain basic skills take the Master class.

Is it possible to take part in a full day programme?

Some people’s just got time for one lesson. Wilton cake decorating classes are available as one-to-five day seminars or courses. If you are involved in focussing on a particular skill, investigate their beginner and specialized course offerings. If you are turning to specific projects, these are included in the classroom programmes.

Which courses are available?

A Wilton cake decorating workshop includes a particular method such as gum paste, candy painting or isomalt creation for foundational skills. Advanced classes cover topics such as tiered cakes design, candy painting, gum paste decoration, fondant decoration and Australian processes.

Courses The Wilton School offers a variety of one day and three day courses. Each day includes six hours of instruction and practice, plus a one-hour break. Some of the programs that are offered from time to time are: Baking and decorating camp for kids ages 10 and up, Cupcake decorating design, Mexican gelatin flower design technique, Fondant decorating techniques, How to bake cakes, tortes, and meringues, and Introduction to icings and decorating.

When and where are given Classes?

Classes are offered year-round. The Master Class is regularly given, nearly any month of the year. The exact location is Darien, Illinois, just minutes of downtown Chicago. The school is next door to a big retail grocery craft store in Wilton.

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