What You Need to Know about Family Immigration

A legal permanent resident has the permission to live and operate indefinitely in the U.S. The id or permission card that is commonly referred to as a Green Card is issued to the applicant as an evidence of the permanent resident status. In the United States, there are many options to obtain permanent residence status. Family Migration is one such route. Family-based immigration enables an individual to become a permanent resident through a family member who is a U.S. citizen or a United States permanent resident. The United States requires U.S. citizens and permanent residents to apply for a conditional arrival and staying in the U.S. with their families.Visit family Immigration near me for more details.

Gaining a green card by family immigration is a two-step process. The first move is to submit the I-130 Family Immigration Petition where the applicant will have to create a valid partnership with the immigrant. The second step is filing an application for a green card. If the supporter is a U.S. citizen and the alien is the partner or guardian or minor child already in the U.S., the second step is not required. Other immigrants not falling into this category have to go through both processes.

If the sponsor is in the United States Citizen, the applicant may be able to obtain a green card if he / she is the immediate relative or US Citizen’s family member. If the applicant is a U.S. spouse (husband or wife), or child (unmarried and under the age of 21), or parent (if the U.S. citizen is under the age of 21). They are called Citizen then as Immediate Relatives. An claimant is considered a U.S. citizen’s family member whether he / she is a single son or daughter (age 21 or older), a married son or daughter (any age) or a U.S. citizen’s relative (brother or sister).

If the Family Member is a Permanent Resident, the claimant may be entitled to get a green card when he / she is the Permanent Resident’s direct family. If the claimant is a Green Card holder’s partner or a Green Card parent’s offspring (unmarried and under 21 years of age / over 21 years of age), the applicant is considered an Immediate Parent.

The sponsor must satisfy the following eligibility criteria for sponsoring a family member.

The sponsor must be either a US citizen or a US permanent resident and proof of such status must be provided with a document.

The applicant must be in a compatible relationship.

The ability to help the immigrant must be shown by submitting the Family Immigration Form I-130 (Alien Relative Petition) stating he / she will be able to financially support the immigrant and other supported family members 125 per cent above the minimum poverty line.

If the claimant is in the U.S. during the application process for family citizenship, he / she may be entitled to change the classification by going to his / her home country. Or if the applicant is outside the U.S., he / she may be eligible for consulate processing through a consulate or a U.S. Embassy with jurisdiction over his / her foreign residence.

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