We Buy Ugly Houses That Other People Don’t Want

Some people, due to unfortunate life circumstances, find themselves strapped for cash that they need to make their homes livable even for themselves at the very least – let alone upgrade it to boost its market value. These people may even eventually find themselves faced with two options – sell their home outright or go completely bankrupt trying to maintain it. But what happens if their home is dilapidated, outdated in design and structure, and just too ugly for ordinary people to consider buying?

The good news is that for such people they may still have options for selling their ugly home, without taking a hatchet and breaking it up for firewood to sell themselves. Here are some of them: in any condition

  1. There are people out there who buy whole homes from the owners – not to live in themselves, but because the real estate property may have components that they see value in. These people buy the house, then take it apart bit by bit so that any parts that may still have some use in them can be preserved. For instance, do you think your moldy kitchen sink is best sent to a landfill for posterity? You might be surprised how many people know how to re-finish that kitchen sink so that is looks practically new and can sell it at a lesser price than a real brand-new sink would cost. And your bathroom toilet may seem like a stained piece of garbage that is just plain unsightly and worthless – but the same people who can transform your kitchen sink may be able to remove those ugly stains altogether with the magic of modern technology. This old toilet could then be sold as a pretty good second-hand bathroom fixture that can still be used for practical purposes.
  2. Selling your home for firewood may seem like a joke but in real terms it can be done. The wood on the exterior part of your home may be warped due to water damage, so there’s little that can be done about that but to remove it totally (once they’ve bought your home from you that is) and then chop it up to sell for firewood on the cheap. Other parts of your home may also hold little value to other people due to other types of damage, like mold, so for such wood-based house components it is best to simply have them chopped up for firewood (which is a pretty good way to destroy that pesky mold and prevent it from contaminating other homes.)
  3. If your home is ugly due to minor neglect on your part, then the market value of such a house is still pretty good if the buyer has any imagination and a budget to match. After he has bought your ugly home, he will invest in the refurbishment and upgrade of the home from the inside out (depending on the size of his budget) and transform it not just into a livable residence but also into a work of art (if he has the right craftsmen for the job.) This is how many homes have survived up to today – with the tender loving care of the new owners who have seen the potential of the previously ugly house and gone to the trouble of transforming it into the showpiece it is today.

We can’t always control the circumstances that dictate our fate, but we can control the price that we sell our house for. Try to refrain from selling your ugly home to the first buyer that makes an offer – rather, tell him that you will bear his offer in mind and ask for a grace period to consider it. If you get a much better offer in the bargain, you have every right to accept. But make sure you thank the other person or people who made the first offer as well, for taking the time to make a deal in the first place.

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