Proper Feeding Strategies For Deer

In this post, I will be explaining appropriate feeding strategies that are used for feeding deer. I’ll go over the placements of maize, rice bran and mineral lick too. Do you want to learn more? click site .

Feeding deer can be tricky at times and trigger deer to move past your hunting grounds to another hunters area. To reduce the risk that deer may neglect your food plots, I’ll go over some tips and tricks to support. First off, careful positioning plays an immense part in whether a deer wants to feed at the chosen location or not. If you have two roads heading from East to West in your tree stand then you should have two food plots. Many hunters prefer between 50-75 yards away from their stands to have their food plots. It means that the deer who choose to dine on your story isn’t too near but also not too far removed at the same time.

Next I’ll go over corn deer. There are a few methods to spread deer maize, but all of them boil down to either do it by hand or use a deer feeder. You can purchase your own deer feeders, or build them. We consist of four metal poles which are connected to a plastic bucket packed with deer grass. Using a battery-operated device, you can choose how much deer maize is strewn from the deer feeder on the field, and how often. They’re not expensive to make but one can get expensive to buy. I would consider tossing out deer corn by side, if you’re on a tight budget. The trick to this is to spread it over a distance of 10 yards. Attempt not to pile it up because deer may avoid it because of its “pecking” existence. Deer corn is a great choice which path you choose when feeding deer during and after your hunting season.

Rice bran is a common hunters option too. Unlike deer grain, rice bran typically comes in a 50 pound bag but the reverse of corn is the correct location for rice bran. You want to make 1-2 piles based on how much you have, when using rice bran. Creating piles is the preferred method, because the deer can see and feed quite quickly.

Mineral licks are a popular method of feeding deer, too. This is a little bit more tricky than corn or bran. You may purchase prefabricated blocks or make your own using one of the hundreds of easily found online recipes. Many hunters either sit down under their feeder for grain, or lock them on an old stump. To mineral lick blocks all methods work equally well.

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