Google My Business- An Insight

Do you or a friend own a business and use the Google service to promote or control that business? Would you like there to be an easy way to control all the details that you need for customers to access? With the launch of a latest “Find My Company” by Google, program for business owners, the wish has been granted and a number of doors are opening up everywhere for companies. This service will allow owners to update information in one place, add photos, read reviews, and use Google+ in all. Not only will this new service benefit those companies that are already on Google, but it will also help those that have not yet figured out how to get a Google presence.Learn more by visiting home

This new service will benefit both new and experienced enterprises that use Google. Current users of any business-oriented service Google will now automatically upgrade to Google My Business, such as Places for Business and the old Google+ dashboard. The service will be signed up for non-users and business-oriented Google service and Google will add business information to Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This really gets out there the new business and can be found no matter what device or service a consumer uses.

Google My Business helps you build loyal customer follow-up by allowing them to show their appreciation with ratings and reviews, as well as allowing users to endorse your content and share post over the web to spread the word a little more. Owners can also address comments and talk with followers or fans to give them real-time information they need. This helps build good customer relationships to ensure they endorse your business and become customers back into your business.

In addition to the features previously stated, companies will also be able to post news, events, photos and other updates that they wish to share on Google+. Another important feature is AdWords Express integration which helps owners understand where their customers come from. Whether they are directly searching for the business or are directing the business through another avenue. This can be very beneficial for owners, so that they can use their advertising resources in the right places, where people are the most.

While searching for restaurants via web browser is more popular than searching on mobile apps, trends appear to be leaning toward rising mobile app searches and possibly surpassing future web browser searches. The reason that browser percentages are higher is simply because web browsing has been lengthier than mobile devices around. That said, Google is creating a mobile app for the Google My Business service as well. This app will enable users to do all of these features on the go as well as let consumers search any mobile device for businesses. With 81 per cent of consumers looking for restaurants on mobile apps (Streetfight) this app offers unforeseen opportunities.

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