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Usually, when you’re arrested, you’re deemed innocent until proven guilty. That means you should be released so that you can go home and get ready for your case. The bail bonds system has been set up to allow you to enjoy this fundamental right, and to ensure that on the appointed date you will appear in court. If, however, you can not meet the amount set by a judge, you will then have to remain in jail until the day your case is mentioned. The bail bonds scheme understands that an individual who has been incarcerated has job, personal, and other responsibilities, and thus holds you for some period. The bail bond acts as a guarantee when you are given this temporary release that you will not be absconding.Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is one of the authority sites on this topic.

How’s that system working?

You are entitled, by law, to make one phone call when you’re arrested. You should use this to tell a friend or member of your family that you have been arrested and you need to be bailed out of prison. The person you have contacted will then contact a bail bondman, who will arrange for the bail to be given. The bail procedure is quick, as long as you get an accomplished bail bondman. He or she is going to visit you in prison, and get the details of your arrest. He’ll go through the report of the arrest to get more finer details. These details must be included in the bond document, before signing it.

The person who contacted the bail bondsman will act as the bond’s co-signer and will have to give something of great value against the bond as a guarantee. This can be cash, a house, expensive jewellery, etc. In some cases, he or she may only be required to sign the paper if the charges are small. Once the bond is signed, it will be taken to a judge by the bail bondsman, who then approves it. When accepted, you’re set free to go home.

What are the costs of obtaining this bond?

By law, the bail bondman has the right to receive a fee equal to 10 per cent of the bail amount. If a bail worth $100,000 has been issued you’ll have to transfer $10,000 to the bail bondman. It can be quite a high amount and you may not be in a position to pay it at once. Usually Bail Bondsmen give you the option to pay by credit card, or in installments. You just got to agree with the agent you’re dealing with.

To what is the guarantee?

The co-signer will give assurance against the bond, and this is to make sure you appear in court on the date given. It is the co-signer’s duty to make sure you appear at court on the date given. If you fail to appear before the court, the surety will be forfeited to the court. Then the court will issue an arrest warrant, and a bounty hunter will search you out.

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