Antique Mirror- At A Glance

Not surprisingly, many home accessories can be pricey and an antique mirror is no exception. A true antique mirror may indeed cost some serious cash. The right antique mirror, however, can really pull the home decor together in a room. Thankfully there are ways to get the look of an antique mirror and put your home accessories and decor together on a budget. This simple how – to guide gives an idea of the process of giving an antique look to a new mirror.Have a look at Reflect Who You Are In An Antique Mirror for more info on this.

Working area It’s very important you’re working in a well ventilated area. No home decor item is worth getting sick and if there is prolonged exposure you will be dealing with chemicals that can cause serious illness.

Tools and Materials to Antiquise a Mirror You’ll need a few tools and materials to recreate the look of an antiquated mirror, whether it’s an oval mirror, a square mirror or a rectangular mirror. Cardboard, paint stripper, chemical-safe gloves, a putty knife, some old lint-free rags, water, a spray bottle, paint and muriatic acid are all things you’ll need.Muriatic acid is also known as hydrochloric acid, which should make your antiquing project fairly easy to find.

How to Begin with Antique a Mirror Use the mirror frame and the paper backup. Then placed the mirror face-down on the covered surface of the cardboard to protect it against scratches and other damage.

You’ll need to remove the paint from the back of your selected rectangle, rectangular or oval mirror using your preferred paint stripper solution. To complete this mission you will need to use the putty knife and the old rags. During this process, be sure to wear goggles and your chemical-proof gloves, as paint stripper will burn your eyes.

Once you’ve washed off all the paint, use soap and water, you’ll need to clean the mirror. Thoroughly dry the surface before moving onto the next step.

You’ll need to spray this home-decor item with the muriatic acid solution using your spray bottle. Do not saturate the mirror but spray it gently starting from the edges outside and heading towards the mirror centre. Do not spray the entire mirror, but instead spray different areas and concentrate much of the spray around the edges, as this is where most natural antiquing takes place.

Just let the muriatic acid sit for about a minute. Any longer and it will strip all the finish completely which completely defeats the purpose of antiquating these home accessories. You’ll want to clean the area with soap and water after a minute, and then dry the area thoroughly before you go on.

Finally, you’ll paint the mirror’s back using your preferred paint colour. The paint will shine through your ancient spots so bear this in mind when selecting colors that suit the rest of your home decor. Enable the paint to dry completely before the frame is removed and the mirror rehanged.

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