3 Fun Things to Do on a First Date

A first date is your chance to make a big impression. You might have spent days, weeks or even months leading up to this moment, so you’ve obviously got a lot of riding on the performance. The date may only last for a few hours, so if you both get along well, ideally there will be an opportunity for a second date, which is the whole point of the exercise after all! And, to insure a partner in your organization has a great time, and is intrigued enough to suggest meeting you again-do it differently and schedule some fun things to do on a first date.Have a look at lia-fox mdh for more info on this.

On a first date the best way to make a good impression is to venture outside the square. When it comes to dating, most people lack creativity and their idea for a first date is generally a cocktail at a pub or a meal-out. These types of date are perfectly acceptable, but trying something different can be fun, plus you’re far more likely to make a positive impression when a date thinks you’ve gone the extra mile to impress them.

3 Good things to do on a first date Take a date to a theme park-research has shown that when people are placed in a “dangerous” environment, they are far more likely to develop an affinity towards their partner, which explains why prisoners may fall in love with their captors. Clearly, a prisoner-captor role-play situation is best saved in the future for a long time, but having a date at a theme park and watching some of the white-knuckle attractions is a great way to make sure your partner has plenty of chances to get up close and personal while screaming in your ear.

Pack a romantic picnic-on a hot summer day nothing beats a picnic and this is the perfect date for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. You can use as much or as little cash as you like, even though more than a few cocktail sausages and a cheese sandwich are best to bring. A date with some cold cuts, a baguette, a good bottle of wine and some strawberries and cream can be easily impressed by anyone with some spare cash. And as long as you choose a scenic location away from hostile wildlife and irate farmers, a successful first date is assured.

A stroll on the beach-assuming you stay near the coast anywhere, a walk on the beach is the idea of a perfect (and very romantic) first date for many people. You should rub the shoes and socks and splash in the water when the weather is warm and, if the weather is cold, wrap up cozy and stroll down the windswept beach pretending to be characters from a romantic novel. Start the date with an ice cream or hot chocolate (depending on the weather), and your girlfriend will be impressed by your charming behavior.

These are just three ways to do fun stuff on a first date. If you are disappointed with the “drinks in a pub event” or the “coffee shop day” there are hundreds more I might recommend. And if you’ve already been on hundreds of dates, I wouldn’t blame you for getting fed up with the most obvious ways to spend the first date!

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